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for Seniors

Senior Camping at Camp Lutherland

Seniors (55+) who love to camp are welcome to join us at Camp Lutherland – midweek -  August 5-8, 2024 or August 12-15, 2024. Board Member Garnet Fry would like to restart the Senior Camping Week at Lutherland that was discontinued during Covid. This camping week included worship and/or devotional activities, afternoon activities, evening fellowship suppers. Garnet will look after the registration and organize the committee heads but we need some volunteers to head a few committees:

1) Someone to organize worship services (chapel, singing, bible studies)

2) Someone to organize the evening meal which would bring all campers together (potlucks, theme nights etc)

3) Someone to organize afternoon activities

4) Someone to organize evening activities (could be local tours, games, entertainment, paint/craft/hobby times, etc.)

Campers are welcome BUT if you don’t have a camper and would like to attend, then Lutherland has a lodge with dorm rooms that can be used, rented at a reasonable cost. 


Can’t stay all 3 days? Drop-ins are welcome for a day or 2, or even attend for the evening!

Contact Garnet at 1-306-332-7536 or by email for inquiries, volunteering, registering or date preferences.

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