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Camp Lutherland is located on the Qu’Appelle lakes, these beautiful grounds are available year round, except for weeks where summer camp programs are running.

Our Mission


People need the opportunity for physical rest and relaxation. Christian people also need and wish for the added opportunity for spiritual rejuvenation, Christian fellowship, and the communion of God. The purpose of Lutherland is to provide Christ-centered programs which complement the ministry of the Church by offering opportunities for growth through planned activities in an outdoor environment so that people, particularly the young, may:

  • Learn to know God and His love in Jesus Christ more fully.

  • Explore who the are in God’s sight and contemplate their role in life as God’s children.

  • Grow in their relationship with other people.

  • Strengthen family bonds through opportunities for family camping.

Our Vision


To honor God with Camp Lutherland as a place where all God’s children can build memories of eternal hope in a loving Savior.

What We Believe

As Christian Lutherans, our beliefs are summarized in three statements attributed to Martin Luther and other reformers.

Grace alone, Faith alone, Scripture alone.


God loves all people even though we are sinful. In love, He sent His Son Jesus who died to redeem us. We are saved by the grace of God, not by what we do. Our salvation is through faith in Christ Jesus alone.
We accept the Bible as the only infallible source for Christian faith and authority.

We believe that there is one eternal God existing in three distinct persons: God the Father, God the Son (Jesus Christ) and God the Holy Spirit. God created all things and never changes. He is the same yesterday, today and forever.

What We Believe

Our Facilities

You've never been to our camp and now you're curious to see what it looks like? Take a look at our facilities!

"Camp was such an amazing experience, even though my sister and I were so nervous when we first went. Before coming to this camp, I had never gone to church, let alone opened a Bible. Every night during the chapel lessons, we would read from the book of Luke. This was my first exposure to any Bible, and it was probably because of this that I found it so interesting. We also did a bunch of amazing crafts that I still have in my closet, set aside”

Nick Bage

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